Characteristics of Healthy Mental Health

Human or individual health is healthy physically, mentally, and socially. It is easier to recognize people who are physically and socially healthy than to recognize mentally healthy. Likewise, it is easier to diagnose an individual who is physically and socially ill than the mentally ill. But the three aspects are of course interrelated.

  1. Don’t judge yourself
    Individuals suffering from mental illness, especially those with depression and anxiety, usually feel they can heal themselves easily, and thus they often judge themselves for suffering from this mental illness.
  2. Having no negative emotions
    Dealing with negative emotions is not easy for some people out there, but it is a part of everyday life. The ability to control emotions and cope with the suffering that is felt can be done by mentally healthy people but not for people with mental disorders.
  3. Having awareness of the response
    Not being able to realize the emotional response
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