Characteristics of Healthy Mental Health

Human or individual health is healthy physically, mentally, and socially. It is easier to recognize people who are physically and socially healthy than to recognize mentally healthy. Likewise, it is easier to diagnose an individual who is physically and socially ill than the mentally ill. But the three aspects are of course interrelated.

  1. Don’t judge yourself
    Individuals suffering from mental illness, especially those with depression and anxiety, usually feel they can heal themselves easily, and thus they often judge themselves for suffering from this mental illness.
  2. Having no negative emotions
    Dealing with negative emotions is not easy for some people out there, but it is a part of everyday life. The ability to control emotions and cope with the suffering that is felt can be done by mentally healthy people but not for people with mental disorders.
  3. Having awareness of the response
    Not being able to realize the emotional response that is given to what is going on is a hallmark of a person with mental illness. A mentally healthy person is able to think in advance about the reactions that will be given to a difficult situation so that they are personally aware of all the things that have been done.
  4. Not having trouble sleeping
    Sleep can increase lifespan to 11 years. The amount of sleep that each individual needs are different, but most individuals need 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to be able to work optimally. Side effects of sleep deprivation include feeling bad, having difficulty working, a weak immune system, and even depression. Things like this that characterize and result from mental illness.
  5. Able to focus
    This concentration is very much needed in doing something because of that concentration as our mental support factor. Concentrating on what is being done is certainly an easy thing for mentally healthy individuals because focus requires concentration and peace of mind that only mentally healthy individuals have. Meanwhile, for individuals who have a mental illness, it will be very difficult to face or focus on whatever they are dealing with because they are often anxious due to mental illness.
  6. Having good social relationships
    People who are mentally healthy in general can adopt or have a good relationship with the surrounding environment, be it with their closest family, colleagues, neighbors, and the community. People who have a mental illness will have disturbances in social relationships because they are unable to control their own feelings. This mental illness makes him always have bad relationships with people around him so that people who have these characteristics generally have few friends, are easily stressed, and rarely socialize with other people or connect and socialize with other people.