Six Inspiring Women On What It Means To Be A Woman Today

We’ll perform diagnostic exams to determine the reason for your menorrhagia. These may embrace blood tests, an ultrasound scan, an endometrial biopsy and/or hysteroscopy (using a digital camera to examine the uterus). Hormone substitute therapy is often recommended to help restore the energy in your ligaments and muscular tissues.

It can occur as a pure results of the menopause as the muscles thin and turn into weaker. Hormone remedy, medicines, dietary supplements and weight beating workout routines may be beneficial.

Surgery for pelvic organ prolapse is relatively widespread and contains surgical repair, vaginal mesh and hysterectomy. Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when the pelvic organs such as the womb, rectum and bladder slips out of their regular place and into the vagina. This occurs because the supporting tissues and ligaments have weakened.

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